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MapGuide Open Source - ottima piattaforma open source per web mapping applications

Tempo fa ho scoperto MapGuide Open Source, una piattaforma open source davvero ottima per sviluppare applicazioni web di mapping e servizi geospaziali. MapGuide possiede un viewer interattivo, e supporta i formati, i database e gli standard geospaziali più popolari. Può essere distribuito su Linux e Windows, supporta i web server Apache e IIS, offre API PHP, .NET, Java e JavaScript. E' distribuito con licenza LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License).

- I principali obiettivi del progetto MapGuide sono:
  • use the service-oriented architecture pattern
  • fast, scalable, and cross platform
  • make use of open source components
  • support rich access to spatial data both vector and raster
  • provide a full suite of spatial analysis
  • produce visually stunning cartographic maps
  • include viewers that work within any browser on any platform
  • provide the highest degree of map interactivity possible
  • offer a single API that works with both vector and raster based client-side viewers
  • conform with open standards
- Le caratteristiche del Map Viewer:

Interactive Map Viewing

  • Offers an AJAX Viewer (pure DHTML no plug-in required) or a vector-based DWF Viewer (requires an ActiveX Control) with a common user interface and JavaScript API
  • AJAX Viewer offers a tiled map display for smooth navigation
  • Allows feature selection by point, rectangle, radius, or polygon with immediate feedback
  • Displays feature properties in multi-line tool tips
  • Displays properties of the selected feature in a property browser panel
  • Supports feature buffering, querying features that fall within selected polygons, and a tool for measuring distance
  • Provides printing and plotting support

Quality Cartographic Output

  • Scale-dependent detail
  • Rule-driven thematic layer stylization
  • Dynamic labeling with overpost detection, labels that follow the path of a line, and automatic label resizing
  • Anti-aliased image rendering
  • True color support
  • TrueType font support
- Accesso ai dati:

Built-in Resource Database for Manageability

  • Provides hierarchical storage of XML resource documents that define maps, layers, data connections, symbology, and viewer layout
  • Allows you to define data sources and layers once and then reference them from multiple maps
  • Provides an access-based security model with inheritable permissions
  • Permits metadata and binary data to be associated with resource documents

Uniform Data Access

  • Exclusive use of the Feature Data Objects (FDO) API for vector and raster feature data access
    • Support for ESRI SHP and SDF vector file formats
    • Support for ESRI ArcSDE, MySQL, ODBC database formats
    • Support for Raster file formats via GDAL
    • Support for OGC WMS and WFS
  • Exclusive use of DWF for CAD-based data access
- Sviluppo flessibile delle applicazioni e pieno supporto di API server-side:

Flexible Application Development

  • Write your application logic once within the web server environment and it will work with either viewer on any client
  • Develop your applications in PHP, .NET, or Java

Extensive Server-Side APIs

  • Create, query, read, and write permanent and session based XML resource documents
  • Query and update feature data across all supported data sources, including spatial and attribute data, and schema discovery
  • Perform coordinate reprojection and great circle distance computation
  • Create, manipulate, and analyze geometry with support for spatial predicates based on the DE-9IM model, overlay functions (intersection, union, difference, symmetric difference), buffer, convex hull, area, and distance functions
  • Produce stylized vector and raster maps and legends
  • Manipulate runtime maps and layers, add / remove / change layers, change layer and group visibility, modify the definition of a layer, and alter the current view
- Veloce, scalabile e multi piattaforma:

Fast, Scalable, Secure Server Platform

  • Fully multi-threaded and takes advantage of multi-core / multi-processor technology
  • Multiple servers can be configured as one logical site to improve scalability
  • FastCGI based Map Agent loads once and stays loaded for use with both Apache and Microsoft IIS
  • Database connections are pooled and shared between users, improving performance
  • Tile caching ensures map image tiles are only rendered once for the AJAX Viewer no matter how many users are viewing the map
  • Connection-oriented, role-based security
  • Configurable logging of client access, administrative access, authentication attempts, errors, session lifetimes, and request tracing
  • Web-based site administration allows remote site and server configuration, and log file access

Multiple Platform Support

  • Deploy on Microsoft Windows or Linux
  • Serve applications with Apache or Microsoft IIS
  • Browse applications with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari
- Supporto degli standard del Open Geospatial Consortium:
  • Web Map Service
  • Web Feature Service

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