martedì 5 aprile 2022

Pathways Language Model (PaLM): Scaling to 540 Billion Parameters for Breakthrough Performance

Google AI introduced the 540 billion parameter Pathways Language Model. Trained on two Cloud #TPU v4 pods, it achieves state-of-the-art performance on benchmarks and shows exciting capabilities like mathematical reasoning, code writing, and even explaining jokes. https://goo.gle/3j6eMnK

PaLM demonstrates the scaling capability of the Pathways system to thousands of accelerator chips across two TPU v4 Pods by training a 540-billion parameter model efficiently with a well-studied, well-established recipe of a dense decoder-only Transformer model. Pushing the limits of model scale enables breakthrough few-shot performance of PaLM across a variety of natural language processing, reasoning, and code tasks.

PaLM paves the way for even more capable models by combining the scaling capabilities with novel architectural choices and training schemes, and brings us closer to the Pathways vision:

<<Enable a single AI system to generalize across thousands or millions of tasks, to understand different types of data, and to do so with remarkable efficiency.>>


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