giovedì 13 marzo 2014

Anti-smog drones in China

The issue of pollution is undoubtedly one of the most delicate in the world, which requires serious and decisive interventions that may stem as much as possible this real plague that year after year helps to change for the worse our planet causing great problems. In this context, unfortunately, is positioned China which as a result of the considerable economic growth in recent years, attributable in particular to the industrial development of the country, has led to a significant increase in the pollution generated in the country, and right to confront these problems, China has confirmed its intention to adopt appropriate drones to fight pollution.

Parafoil drone anti-smog

This ambitious project is followed by China Meteorological Administration and realized by Aviation Industry Corp of China. It is, in essence, the creation of drones without pilots, called Parafoil, designed to fly over major cities in China and equipped with about 700 kilograms of chemical anti-smog able to get in touch with the polluting particles and dispersing them and making them lock so harmless. With the adoption of this system, it should be possible to combat pollution, but considering the magnitude of the problem, it may not be enough.

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