lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

The pasta of the future will be on the table thanks to a 3D printer

The pasta of the future will be on the table thanks to a 3D printer. A big step forward in their creativity in the kitchen for many cooks. And realize your own pasta it will not be difficult. Depend upon the imagination and artistic abilities of each one. We speak of a simple printer, but in 3D, such as the one developed by Barilla and by the Dutch company TnO to carry out the pasta with the shape you want and that you can print directly to your home. The process seems to be simple enough: virtually designed a new type of pasta, we will proceed to print. The printer layer after layer solidify the desired shape releasing a special ink, thus creating the desired shape of pasta.

 The innovative 3D printer created by the synergy between the multinational of the pasta and the Eindhoven society allow you to design and implement dried pasta shapes of various kinds. In a short time we will find the 3D printer for the pasta in restaurants, but in a not too distant future we will have a course in home.

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