giovedì 23 gennaio 2014

The green house will be 3D printed in 24 hours

The revolutionary robot of Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis can print in 3D a house of 230 square meters in 24 hours. The technology was developed at the University of Southern California. The device is based on the principles of the countour crafting, a process of three-dimensional printing for large objects that proceeds layer by layer. The use of this process limits the waste of electricity and emissions harmful to the environment.

How it's done
The 3D printer has two large arms similar to the crane and a cross beam that carries the printhead. The whole machine runs through the tracks and can work simultaneously on all parts of the house. Professor Khoshnevis believes that the printer can build a two-storey house in just one day. Because the printer is doing its job, the surrounding space must be prepared and must be the foundation already in place. The innovative 3D technology for large structures could revolutionize the construction industry and fill the growing demand for houses in urban centers.

Why it's good for the environment
Garbage is a major problem in conventional construction methods. To erect a single-family home generates between 3 and 7 tonnes of garbage. In addition, resources are dispersed and this contributes greatly to harmful emissions. In general, with the new technique using fewer materials, not wasting raw materials and uses less electricity. The means used to transport materials can only make a round trip and one return, reducing the use of fuel.

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