venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

iOptik science fiction contact lenses at CES 2014

Innovega has contact lenses that see beyond the human eye, capable of making already old Google Glasses. Anyone who has ever dreamed of a science fiction future in which interfaces are floating in front of us and the information does not exist on the screens, but are projected in front of our eyes, chances are you will soon be able to touch all these things thanks to the market of wearable technologies that making inroads with great anticipation.

With its system iOptik lenses wearable developed by startup Innovega offering its futuristic vision that we have always seen in the movies and now can become reality. The company has designed the special contact lenses that are also headlamps of information. It is a great innovation that goes far beyond what Google has promised with his glasses smart Google Glass.

Real display mounted on the eyes of the people, as is the case of the lenses above, or simpler devices such as augmented reality can be the Google Glass, the fact remains that this kind of products are ready to be at the forefront of technology wearable. One of the biggest obstacles right now is that, while technology can provide unprecedented performance, yet few have the opportunity to test these devices, and certainly when they arrive on the mass market costs will be high.

Innovega clearly knows what he wants to do in his immediate future: making the best view for all, through a pair of contact lenses, but not only. "Several companies have developed hardware to adapt to smart glass. We want to improve the view for all through a pair of contact lenses and for those who wish, increase with network information through the glasses."

Making a direct comparison with the Google solution, Innovega says that "in comparison with the Google Glass giving a vision equivalent to that of a smartphone placed 60 cm in front of the eyes, iOptik has a resolution six times higher and 20 times the viewing area available."

Innovega, who presented his device iOptik augmented reality on the head of a mannequin at CES last year, he was confident in the fact of being able to bring the technology to market soon. The company, headed by CEO Stephen Willey, is back at CES 2014, but this year with a fully functional prototype.

Once worn, the lenses allow you to have a clear and comparable to what can be seen through a microscope. "Imagine segments of the skin on a finger which, by the use of contact lenses, become more defined and distinguishable to the naked eye," explains Innovega. In this way, the eye becomes like that of Superman, in fact capable of recognizing people, cars and objects to tens of meters away.

For those who want something more than the lenses you can wear glasses with embedded micro projectors that interact with applications and multimedia content, creating a perfect experience and improved style of Google Glass.

Using both lenses glasses, promises Innovega, the wearer of the device can recognize items, manage multiple windows on the panel that is projected in front of him, without going to harm the visual field.

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