venerdì 7 agosto 2015

Monstroid Wordpress Theme

A great Wordpress Theme ready for any project

Monstroid is innovative, it’s been created to help you build any type of website, thanks to a combination of multiple child themes and the inclusion of a powerful front end, drag and drop page builder tool.

Monstroid has been built to run on the Cherry Framework, but unlike other themes for this framework, this one is packed with a whole host of features and tools to help you build the website you’ve always wanted.

Unlike regular WordPress themes, Monstroid has been created to help you build a wide range of websites, rather than just one type of site.

Child Themes
In the Monstroid ecosystem, the ability to build these different types of websites is delivered by a library of child themes, known here as topics. These topics are installed alongside Monstroid and the Cherry framework, allowing you to apply a purpose built design to the features of the Monstroid theme.

Features as Plugins
To help the theme achieve much of its functionality, Monstroid requires a significant number of plugins in order to run. In the past developers might have been tempted to bundle all this extra code into the theme files. However, by supplying these features as separate plugins, design and functionality are kept separate. This approach helps to prevent theme lock-in, and is a welcome development in the world of WordPress themes.

Find out more on the official website

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