sabato 10 maggio 2014

Apache2, ProFTP with Virtual FTP accounts on MySQL

Here is a checklist for installing and setting up Apache2 + ProFTPd with Virtual FTP accounts on MySQL, with correct folders permissions:
  1. Install Apache2 with this tutorial
  2. Install ProFTPd with this tutorial
  3. Add the Apache user "www-data" to the group "ftpgroup": usermod -a -G ftpgroup www-data
  4. Set your virtual webhost directory as follows: chown www-data:ftpgroup -R /var/yourvirtualwebdirectory
  5. Set the permissions as follows: chmod 775 -R /var/yourvirtualwebdirectory
  6. Reboot Apache2: service apache2 restart
  7. Reboot ProFTPd: service proftpd restart

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